Brussels: meeting Julie Ward MEP #5

During the Engage Europe workshops there was an opportunity for British young people from Engage London to go and visit the European Parliament. Here’s a podcast of how Julie Ward MEP feels about Brexit (not good). This is an 8 minute podcast put together by City Uni’s Alun Macer-Wright.

First time visit to the European Parliament for five of Engage London’s team – Charlie, Favour, Alun, Diana and Naomi – who visited Julie Ward, MEP (c) Engage London

Engage London has approx 27 members – a lucky eight were able to attend the Brussels summer school at IHECS from 24-28 June. They were Pilion Trust’s Rahim Amin, Favour Ekengwu, Naomi Gahie, Charlie Tshibangu and City’s journalism undergrads Matt Hardy, Alun Macer-Wright, Diana Serenli, Meagan Walker. Big thanks to Engage Europe for creating this opportunity.


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