London: 11-13 October 2018

SAVE THE DATE so you can join us at CITY, LONDON (for everyone on Hear Me Speak plus invited guests)
Thursday 11 – Saturday 13 October 2018
for our Engage London conference and workshops

Accommodation: King’s Cross area, N1C
Workshops: City, university of London in Clerkenwell, EC1

·         Thursday 11th October (delegates arrive in the morning or early afternoon, 4pm Welcome and intro to University)

·         Friday 12th October (workshops and parallel meetings). Starts 9.30am

·         Saturday 13th October (final workshops, presentations, lunch, delegates leave). Starts 9.30am

3 things you never knew you need to know about Islington…

  • Ever played Monopoly? Angel, near to City, university of London, is the only place in this board game that you can buy, all the others are on ‘sale’ are streets.
  • It’s the home and constituency of Jeremy Corbyn, MP, leader of the opposition (Labour Party). You may see him cycle past.
  • Islington is a fabulous place to visit, but it’s where the super rich and the very poor live side by side. There’s a huge amount of inequality in the borough, overcrowded homes and real poverty. In 2017 it was outed as the worst place for a woman to live – partly because the average price of a home is eye-watering. In 2017 the average price of a flat was just under £600,000 and a terraced house sold for an average price of £1,334,500. More info from local charity Islington Giving