Brussels: workshops in pix #4

Photo collection from Engage London’s Rahim Amin illustrating the scope of what was offered at the Brussels workshop run by Engage Europe at IHECS in June

Meet Rahim

Rahim Amin at the Engage Europe summer school at IHECS in Brussels. He joined the radio/sound workshop, graffiti which involved long walks around Brussels and photography (c) Engage London/Matt Hardy

Graffiti workshops

Finding boundaries in the image (c) Engage London/Rahim Amin

Finding boundaries in the image (c) Engage London/Rahim Amin

Looking at boundaries (c) Engage London/Rahim Amin

Working on radio techniques – with a focus on sound

The lads in the studio with Rahim on the right (c) Engage London/Matt Hardy

#HearMeSpeak broadcasting in Brussels during the radio sound workshop

After the workshops

Rahim Amin in Brussels (c) Engage London/Matt Hardy







Engage London has approx 27 members – a lucky eight were able to attend the Brussels summer school at IHECS from 24-28 June. They were Pilion Trust’s Rahim Amin, Favour Ekengwu, Naomi Gahie, Charlie Tshibangu and City’s journalism undergrads Matt Hardy, Alun Macer-Wright, Diana Serenli, Meagan Walker. Big thanks to Engage Europe for creating this opportunity.


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