Welcome! Engage London is just one programme in INsPIrE Europe-wide project.

In six European cities, students from Higher Education Institutions are working alongside local young people to give a telling insight into what it’s like to face the joys and challenges of life in Europe right now. Through original and unique media productions, on this Engage London blog our young people from City University Journalism department and the Pilion Trust tell us how they feel and the challenges they face living in Islington, London.

Our theme is “Hear me speak – respectful practice towards authentic young voices in media’.

Our tagline is “City, University of London opens its doors to the transitional youth community in Islington borough.”  Transitional youth are those aged between 18 and 23-years-old, who are at the start of their adult lives.

As they say in Belgium, Germany, Romania, Spain and now in London, across Europe, “Youth engage to show us their realities”. You can click to follow the partner blogs here.

Or read more at the main website here.

  • Engage London is the British local blog of INsPIrE, a lab for innovative participatory media and educational practices, with the support of Erasmus +.