March: what’s happening behind the scenes?

Engage London quickly adopted the hashtag #hearmespeak. The group were recruited in March and loved the idea of learning how to make shows and get their voice heard. While waiting to go to City, the university, for the workshops in April, they got busy figuring out priority topics.

Minutes from #hearmespeak (c) engagelondon

So they got to work themselves.

The WhatsApp group got super busy and several meet-ups were held to discuss ideas. Favour sent in minutes from one of those meetings – thank you. Impressive organisation!

#hearmespeak topic brainstorm (c) Engage London

Top topics
Here are some of the topics that the #hearmespeak group may turn into podcasts, TV debate and blog posts. Can’t wait.


1 Immigration:

  • We all know someone who’s an immigrant
  • Illegal push backs
  • Immigrants wellbeing/opportunity
  • Asylums
  • Immigrant fees are expensive

2 Cost of living in the UK:

  • Housing is expensive
  • Eviction

3 Gender Equality:

  • LGBT
  • Pay Gap
  • Jobs
  • Gay and transgender in prison

4 Social Cleansing:

  • Gentrification – rich people moving into poor areas and the poor has to move out.

5 Social Media:

  • Good and bad about social media
  • Social anxiety

6 Housing:

  • YMCA
  • They need to be shut down due to high crime rate.
  • There is no protection for young people. (Age 17-24)

7 Criminal Injustice:

  • Injustice especially against black boys
  • Unfair judgement for joint enterprise

7 Sexual Health:

  • More information and awareness
  • Free sanitary towel

8 Mental Health

9 NHS and Civil Servants:

  • The government should stop their salary cut.
  • They should invest more

10 More for the homeless:

  • There should be more awareness that there are different ways to help the homeless
  • More awareness about food bank

11 Bullying:

  • Social media instigation
  • Cyber bullying (cyber bullies should be published and shamed)
  • Self-harm
  • Friends
  • Sexual abuse
  • Bully awareness

12 Lack of trust:

  • Between young people and adults
  • Between the governments and society
  • Students and teachers
  • Class and hierarchy discrimination/ being judgemental

13 Lack of public funds, money laundering

14 Environmental protection

15 Friendship

16 Cover year 1994 (cover the 1990s timeline to present)


Yup. We’ve got a lot to do… Thanks to everyone from Engage London for these ideas. Let’s get to the studios.


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